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When my grandmother emigrated from Russia and arrived in the United States in 1918 she spoke no English. She started school and was placed in a grade with classmates well below her age. Proud and strong willed even as a youngster, my grandmother was ashamed and angered by this. She was afraid that she couldn't overcome these obstacles. A wonderful teacher, sensing the potential in her young student, challenged my grandmother and said, "you are an American now, and I never want to hear you say you can't do something. Remember, the last four letters of American are I-CAN."
My grandmother graduated high school in America when she was 16 years old, and she has been instilling her character and strength in her family ever since. Whenever my brothers and I are faced with a challenge wejust think of my grandmother and remember, ICAN.

That philosophy permeates everything we do at ICAN, and we hope it extends to our customers. We thrive on challenges and are prepared to help our customers overcome their own business challenges. We never want our customers to say "I can't" because we know that with effort, attention to detail, and follow through, YOU CAN. That is our philosophy and our promise to every one of our customers. If you have a question or a problem, if other people say they can't help you ... remember ... ICAN.

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